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The type of night dress a woman wears can define her mood.  The sleepwear worn says more about how a lady feels, her elegance, need for comfort, or mood.  There are a lot of options a woman can choose from including cotton night dress, sleepwear etc.  Cotton nighty, pyjamas and elegant nightgowns are some of the few styles accepted globally.

What should I wear?

Nina Cotton Night dress

There’s nothing that feels more comfortable than wearing a cosy, airy, loose night dress before going to bed.  Cotton is inarguably most breathable, absorbent, comfortable fabric that provides great comfort.  It is elegant in appearance and easy to handle and clean.

Today, there are different collections of cotton nightdresses that come in all styles, prints, sizes, and shapes. Some of the benefits of include:

  • Insulation
  • Less allergic reaction
  • Moisture control
  • Durability
  • Style and colour choices

What are the different options?

Nina Sleepwear

  1. Night dress

When you’re a bride and it is ‘The Night’, you should dress up, increase the temperature, and get sexy to woo the bridegroom with your incredible charm.  Stifling sheer babydolls are related to bridal nightdress because they show sexiness.  It helps build up the mood immediately.

  • Night Shirt

Nightshirts are best suited for humid nights when you feel uncomfortable and stuffy.  It is airy and you can choose from long sleeve, rolled up sleeve to short sleeve in funky or floral prints.

  • Long nightdress

This is one of the most common nightdresses for all ages.  It is comfortable and designed to perfectly fit any woman’s figure.  They are made of different prints and colours, and its length covers your ankles.

Factors to consider when buying ladies sleepwear

  1. Determine the fabric

There many types of fabrics when it comes to ladies nightdresses.  You should use your judgement to choose the material which is most comfortable for you.  For example, if you want breathability and that comfy feeling, cotton is a perfect choice for you.  However, if you prefer a buttery smooth feel, go for a satin nightdress.

  • Climate

It is crucial to look at the climate to make a great choice.  If it is hot or humid, pick short nightdresses.  If it is in winter, pick pyjamas or long nightdresses to feel comfortable and warm through the freezing nights.

  • Silhouette

Select the right silhouette when choosing a night dress.  Fitting garments are discouraged.  You should go for baggy nighties that enable you to feel and stay loose.  It should not bind your body. Besides, a nightdress should not stick or irritate your body, so make sure the silhouette of your nightie falls straight.  This makes sure that you do not have to turn around or twist during your night. To increase comfort, go for a size up.