Nina London Nighties

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Nighties is a night-time garment worn by a woman.  Nighties and other kinds of nightwear like nightshirts did not exist through the Middle Ages.  The emergence of the textile industry led to their introduction.  The original nightshirts were worn by both women and men and were shaped like a man’s shirt, the only difference being they were longer.

Today, they come in all sizes, shapes, fabrics, and colours, mostly worn by women.  Depending on the fabrics used, they vary just like regular clothing. Cotton fabrics are more popular because of comfort and breathability.  They can also be made of modal jersey, satin, silk, and nylon. 

Women enjoy different types of nighties and they usually have a large collection.  The collection can include a silky or lace style to feel sexy or a Nina cotton nightie to feel comfortable.

Finding the most comfortable nighty for women is very important. Your body deserves comfortable collection that will help you get a great night’s sleep.  The best types should not be at cost to fashion or environment.  We have listed three types that are comfortable, elegant & environmentally-friendly.  Here is a list of the best most popular women’s nighties:

  1. Stylish nighties

Both are elegant, stylish, soft and made of a cotton knit blend.   Most have a V-neck which makes them both cute and comfortable.   They may also come with a cheeky slogan and a dazzling print.

  • Long sleeve nighties

A breathable long sleeve style with a chest pocket, easy-wear, and a notch collar can be a perfect nightwear for those looking for a classic & perfect style.  The long sleeve range the ladies wear are perfect for both daytime and sleep.  Most have a finish of wool and cashmere which makes them cool and cosy.

  • Environment-friendly nighties

Eco-conscious people prefer is environmental-friendly and non-toxic range. Buying eco-friendly is usually an incredible choice as most of them have a fantastic pattern like for example with Christmas Critters which make them seamless for sleeping a night before Christmas.  Some of them come with a shirttail hem.

Sustainable, chemical-free nighties for women can be very hard to find. However, it is worth the struggle as these will get rid of your sleepless nights and keep the environment safe.  You can rest knowing that these chemical-free and nontoxic range were made without harming the environment.